"The treatment YOU deserve."

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​​​​Boston Associates Rehabilitation (BAR) first opened its doors in Carney’s Point, NJ in 2005 to provide personalized, intimate, and direct PT treatment in a warm, well-equipped, and caring environment.  In 2009 BAR expanded its practice to the Adult Day Care Facility in Penns Grove, NJ to provide skilled Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to their clients.  BAR further expanded its doors in 2015 with its newest location in Pennsville, NJ in order to serve more of the Salem County community with the same treatment environment as its Carney’s Point location.  Not only has BAR expanded its facilities in order to treatment more of the Salem County community but it also expanded its services by providing skilled Occupational Therapy to the community in 2014.  The practices stray away from high-volume, impersonal Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) treatment approach by modeling a patient-centered focus.  With a patient-centered approach you receive immediate treatment delivered by a skilled practitioner who is involved in your entire course of treatment.  Your Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist is your source for all your injuries within our scope of practice.

Copyright © Jason Supernavage. All rights reserved.


At BAR, our goal is to help patients overcome their injuries and get back to life in the most positive, timely, and effective way possible while providing “The treatment YOU deserve.”

Boston Associates Rehabilitation

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  (856)299-9229 Carney's Point / (856)517-3044 Pennsville

Carney's Point Location

291 Harding Hwy

Carney's Point, NJ 08069


Pennsville Location
233 South Broadway, Unit B-4
Pennsville, NJ 08070